With the rapid development and deployment of Video On Demand (VOD) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), channel providers have to be ready to make programming available in any new formats required by distribution platforms.

Sapphire Media uses its programming and technical experience to provide a complete VOD and IPTV service to their customers. This service can be as comprehensive as necessary, from a complete end-to-end solution to a simple monthly delivery of pre-selected programmes.

The company's in-depth knowledge of the adult genre ensures that the very best titles are made available to their customers and the latest technical know how is utilised to deliver the programmes in whatever format required. In many cases, Sapphire has created tailor-made, territory specific channels and VOD packages that were customised to suit local market conditions.

The company is investing heavily in new formats and can now offer HD and 3D programming to increase viewer participation and repeat viewing.

Winner of the 2011 Venus "Best International VOD" Award.

For VOD or IPTV inquiries please contact: sales@sapphiremedia.com

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Our services

We provide state-of-the-art linear channels, VOD and mobile services to over 700 satellite, cable and IPTV platforms across Europe